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SEM Sand Free

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Description: Used for rough sanding hard to reach areas to improve adhesion of following layers of colour or clear coatings.
Cautions:  Aerosol, contents under pressure.
Features: GET SOLID ADHESION TO PLASTICS, SAND UNREACHABLE AREAS. Sand Free is a combination of rich solvents blended together to promote adhesion on plastic parts such as the interior trim pieces on automobiles. It also eliminates sanding on hard to reach areas such as door jambs, under hoods, trunks, etc. This alone can save hours of time. DO NOT ALLOW SAND FREE TO DRY COMPLETELY BEFORE APPLICATION OF TOP COATS, if the Sand Free has completely evaporated, the pores of the substrate will be closed which will result in a loss of adhesion. 13 oz. Aerosol Can. For best results, wash area first with soap and water. Then apply Sand Free directly to the surface to be painted to open the pores of the plastic or old finish. Then APPLY THE FIRST COAT OF COLOURCOAT OR PAINT WHILE THE SAND FREE IS STILL WET. The first coat should be a light "dry" coat, a heavy application will cause runs or sags. After the first coat of the new finish is dry, follow normal painting procedures. Long lasting, durable finish, many shades.
Flammability:  Flammable Aerosol, Contents under pressure.
MSDS Availability:  MSDS Available
Type of Product:  Solvent/Cleaner/Reconditioner
Uses: Painted areas (door jams, trunks) that are difficult to reach: also rigid and flexible plastics. Use for hard to reach areas where colour change is required to simulate a light sanding to improve the "tooth" and adhesion of the following colour coating.
Unit of Measure: One unit (13 oz can)

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