Q-Snap DIY Pack

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Description: Q-Snap DIY Pack. The patented Q-Snap system is similar to the standard press-fastener, with the exception of two additional parts: a ring underneath the cloth and a hook on the deck. This combination turns the fastener into a secured connection that won’t pop loose, while incorporating a stretch-function that acts as a lever. The result allows you to easily overcome the cloth tension as you fit the fastener. Installation is like a normal press fastener, but with special tools that make it faster than other secured fasteners. There are no extra parts, thanks to smart pre-assembly. Resistant to seawater, Q-Snap is made from high quality 316 stainless steel. The special ring spring in the socket is dimensionally stable and even more resistant to corrosion than 316 stainless steel. A thin rubber layer isolates the Q-stud to prevent tension corrosion. Above all, it is the only secured fastener without moving parts, making it very durable and robust. Developed for covers and sprayhoods on boats, Q-Snap is an ideal solution for any application that requires textiles to be tight and secure.
DIY Pack includes: 10 polished Q-Caps, 10 Q-Sockets, Q-Studs with screws and hand punch tool.
Unit of Measure: One unit 

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