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Pro 90 Glue Gun

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ELECTRICAL Wattage: 60w. PTC type (Positive Temperature Coefficient) Voltage: 120 VAC
FEATURES It uses state-of-the-art PTC heating system for accurate temperature control and has a simple, compact design. Offers great performance for a fraction of the price. Sensitive triggering allows as much variation of glue volume and bead size as needed. The lightweight unit eliminates hand fatigue. The translucent round glue sticks dry transparent for invisible glue lines. Produces a continuous adhesive output of 2.2 lbs per hour.
INSTRUCTIONS Plug it in, allow for a 5 minute warm up and then you can leave it on all day.
USES Designed for small applications where precise adhesive placement is required. Due to the high speed of bonding that hot glue sticks have, it is often practical to use a hotmelt glue gun to position or "tack" pieces prior to a permanent bonding using nails, screws or tacks.
WARRANTY 3 month warranty

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