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Iosso Mildew Stain Remover Concentrate - 12 oz

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Description: IOSSO Mildew Stain Remover. Cleans mold, mildew, dirt and algae stains from virtually every boat surface.
Cautions:  Consult Product Label and MSDS for safe handling instructions. Mix in a plastic container. Mix only what you can use in 10 hours. Do not store mixed solution in tightly sealed containers. Do not mix this product with bleach or any other chemical cleaners. Keep unused product in a cool dry place out of the reach of children. Do not use on wool or silk.
Coverage: The 12oz  jar will yield up to 3 gallons of cleaner. This will cover approximately 450 square feet.
Features:  This product is biodegradable. It contains no bleach or chlorine, which can degrade fabric fibres. It has no harmful vapors and gentle to skin. It is colour safe.
Flammability:  Non-Flammable
Instructions: Just add water to the biodegradable powder and soak the solution into the soiled areas.
MSDS Availability:  MSDS Available
Storage: Store in a cool dry place away from excessive heat. Maintain adequate ventilation in work areas. Do not store with combustible materials. Do not allow contamination with moisture or heavy metal salts.
Uses:  Can be used on vinyl, plastic, canvas, carpeting, wood, fibreglass, painted surfaces, sails and accessories.
Unit of Measure: One unit (12 oz bottle)


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