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Iosso Metal Polish (3 oz Tube)

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Description: IOSSO Metal Polish reconditions all metals, fibreglass, plexiglass, hard plastics and painted surfaces. It will remove oxidation, tarnish, surface rust, water spots and stains, calcined deposits, tars and oils, grease and even removes graffiti from many surfaces. Restore color and leave a shiny brilliant protective coating.
Cautions:  Consult product label and MSDS for safe handling instructions.
Features:  No scratching or dulling
Instructions: Use very sparingly! Apply a small amount of polish with a soft cotton cloth or a buffing wheel. Rub lightly while spreading the polish, then buff with a clean cloth while the paste is still moist.
MSDS Availability:  MSDS Available
Type of Product:  Metal Polish
Uses:  Recommended for use on brass, copper, chrome, stainless steel, aluminium, magnesium, silver, gold, porcelain, fibreglass, plexi-glass, hard plastics, and painted surfaces.
Unit of Measure: One unit (3 oz tube)

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