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Hot Air Heat Gun

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Description: Hot Air Heat Gun
Cautions:  There have been slight model changes to the hot air heat gun over the years. Please quote your model number when ordering a replacement element to ensure that you receive the correct one .
Dimensions:  Nozzle Air Opening Diameter: 1 3/16" (3 cm)
Electrical Voltage: 110 volt current 12.5 Amps
Features:  The three settings of the toggle style switch are off, heat and blow. Blow will allow the unit to be used as a blower as well as being recommended for cooling the unit after using as a heat gun. Simply allow the unit to run on blow, while resting on the support, until cool to the touch. This will also extend the life of the heating element. An adjustable air intake regulator provides variable temperature within the units rated heat range, and a double jacketed nozzle and shield keeps external temperatures down. It has a unique suspended quick change heating element for easy replacement, as well as replaceable brushes to extend the life of the unit. The housing, stand and handle are of GE Lexan for superior electrical insulation and impact resistance properties, and the toggle style switch has three settings. It weighs only 2 3/4 pounds, including stand, and is capable of generating temperatures in a range of 450 degrees to 650 degrees fahrenheit. It draws 12.5 amps of regular household 110 Volt current.
Temperature:  Capable of generating temperatures : 450 F-650 F (232 C-343 C)
Uses: Hot air heat guns have become essential tools for anyone working with vinyl and complex shapes such as those often found in automotive trimming. For softening vinyl to impart stretch, softening floor tiles, carpet backing, etc., a heat gun is invaluable.
Warranty: 6 month warranty. Replacement element (Part # 5154).
Unit of Measure: One unit

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