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Adhesive - Helmiprene 4510

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Description: Helmiprene 4510 18.9L Natural Color - A N/F high-performance neoprene spray grade contact adhesive designed for versatility, that is fast drying with high heat resistance and excellent for hand spraying operations. Dries to a natural color.
Application: Recommended Equipment (Automatic): BINKS: Spray Gun:21, 61, 610, 95a Fluid Tip:63B, Fluid Needle:63B, Air Cap:66SD-3. DeVILBISS: Spray Gun:AGX 550, Fluid Tip:FX, Fluid Needle:FX, Air Cap:797 Recommended Equipment (Manual): BINKS: Spray Gun:18, 62, 2001, 95, Fluid Tip:63B, Fluid Needle:63B, Air Cap:66SD-3. DeVILBISS: Spray Gun:JGA 510, Fluid Tip:FX, Fluid Needle:FX, Air Cap:797 High-performance liquid spray adhesive. Mix well before using. Apply to both surfaces and allow the adhesive to dry. Porous surfaces may require two coats. Allow the first coat to dry (minimum 1/2 hour) before applying the second coat.
Bonding Range:  Working time from 10 minutes to 30 minutes.
Cautions: Handling and Storage: Do Not use copper and its alloys to transfer or contain any contact adhesive, Do Not laminate copper with this adhesive, Do Not exceed the recommended "open time", Do Not use to bond vinyl due to plasticizer migration, Thinning the adhesive is not recommended, Never use lacquer thinner for thinning. Consult the MSDS prior to use, Keep adhesive Bond container closed tightly when not in use. Recommended using Stainless steel equipment ( see application) as this product will react with aluminum alloys at normal temperatures.
Coverage: Coverage will vary with application density. Approximate coverage of 352 square feet per gallon.
Features:  Solids Content: 13% +/- 1% Viscosity: 350 cps +/- 50cps Weight/Gal: 10.75lbs +/- 0.2lbs Coverage/Gal: 352 ft2 @ 1.8 dry grams Open Time: 30 minutes Shelf Life: 1 year VHAP: 6.67 lbs /lb of solids VOC: 1.73 lbs / Gal (207 grms/1) <water and exempt solvents.
Flammability:  Non-Flammable
MSDS Availability:  MSDS Available
Shelf Life:  Shelf life of one year under normal conditions. Close container tightly when not in use.
Type of Product:  Liquid contact cement for spray application.
Uses:  Excellent bond adhesion to a variety of substrates including but not limited to DHPL, particleboard, plywood, steel, rigid plastics and rigid urethanes, etc.
Unit of Measure: One unit (18.9 Litres)

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