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Grip Slip Paintable Silicone (14oz can)

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Description: Grip-Slip is a paintable silicone mould release and lubricant that can be used effectively whenever mould components are to be painted, printed or stamped.
Application: Cushion Filling: Lubricates foam and inside cover to ease the cover slipping over the foam. Fabric Cutting: Lubricates tables, saw blades and cutting dies. Machine Sewing: Lubricate needles, feed plates, to eliminate puckering and drag. Can also be used to lubricate joints, hinges.
Cautions:  Maintain adequate ventilation in work area. Flammable. When used on fabric, it is important to check for colorfastness before applying.
Features:  No special cleaning is needed for the decoration of moulded components. Ideal for use in finishing areas where over-spray of lubrication is a problem.
Instructions:  Shake can before using. Simply spray onto surface from a distance of at least
6" (15cm).
Storage:  Store in a cool dry place away from excess heat. Keep away from running motors and sparks as it is flammable.
Unit of Measure: One unit (14 oz can)