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Adhesive - EC 2218 (No 5)

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Description: This is a solvent based contact adhesive with Neoprene solids which may be used to bond many high pressure laminates to wood, particle board, metal and other surfaces.
Application:  This is a two surface contact cement. Mix thoroughly before applying by brush, roller or low pressure air sprayers. Porous materials may require two coats. Apply uniform coat to both surfaces and allow 5-10 minutes drying time. A glossy uniform appearance indicates adequate adhesive, dull areas will need to be recoated.
Bonding Range:  Working time is between 10 minutes and one hour.
Cautions: Refer to product label and MSDS for cautions and safety notes. Note that only Stainless Steel spraying equipment should be used with this product.
Coverage:  Coverage will vary with density of application. Approximate coverage of 233 square feet per gallon of adhesive.
Features:  This product should be used at room temperature (min 65 F or 18 C). It dries quickly, has one hour open time and when dry has excellent resistance to "plastic flow", the creeping of the bonded substrate on plastics. Cleanup and excess adhesive may be removed with a solvent such as methyl ethyl ketone or similar. A premium product from a name you can trust. Easily sprayed with our 118 glue gun, part #1158. This product will also require the use of the stainless steel kit for the 118 glue gun, part number 11 63. 3M's EC-2218 (formally #5 Green) is a high strength adhesive primarily designed to be used as a contact adhesive for bonds of plastic laminates to wood and metal. It has also been used extensively for auto trims, headliners, door panels or any cloth to metal application. This flammable product has been particularly noted over other adhesives of this type for its long bonding range, rapid rate of strength build-up, high adhesion to steel, high temperature softening point and its excellent spray qualities.
Flammability:  Flammable solvent based liquid. Vapors highly flammable, use in well ventilated conditions.
Industry:  Indoor
MSDS Availability:  MSDS Available
Shelf Life:  Last one year in unopened ideal temperatures (20-25C)(41 -122F). Rotate stock using oldest materials first. Keep container tightly sealed when not in use.
Storage:  Storage temp:60-80 F (15-27 C). Higher temperatures will shorten storage life.
Type of Product:  Contact Cement
Uses:  High strength contact cement for use in Automotive and Marine industries as well as any high demand application.
Unit of Measure: One unit (5 gallons)

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