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Heat Welder - Eagle

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Description: Eagle Hot Air Tarp Welder
Care:  Cleaning the debris that accumulates on the inlet screen can be done only when the heat gun has cooled off and the tool is turned off.
Cautions:  Incorrect tool use can cause a fire. Be sure to lay the tool on a fireproof surface when not in use. To avoid burns do not touch the heating element holder or nozzle while the tool is in use. The tool should be protected from damp or wet conditions. To ensure tool safety the carbon brushes should be checked and/or replaced after about 1600 hours of use.
Dimensions:  12.6" x 3.7"
Wattage: 1600W @120 VAC. 120VAC, 50 Hz
Features:  Features include a recessed temperature control knob, a booted power switch and screened air inlet to protect the Eagle against damage. Air flow is adjustable up to 15 CFM. Built in over temperature protection, protects the heating elements and electronics from thermal damage. The element is a quick change type, with no tools required. Runs on standard house current, although a 220 Volt model is available on special order. The unit weighs only 3 pounds, including the power cord. An extremely powerful tool. The Eagle heating element will fit as a direct replacement for the Leister brand, and is a simple pull out, plug in operation. Compact, light-weight unit fits comfortably in your hand and is available with a variety of nozzle tips to weld virtually any type of material. Double-insulated and ISO color coded for added electrical safety. Handheld hot air welder unit. This unit will lap weld soft thermoplastics without any additional materials other than the use of a silicone roller to provide the necessary pressure to weld. Particularly suited to welding of tarpaulins and single ply roofing material. The air temperature out of this unit infinitely adjustable from the ambient up to 625 degrees Celsius.
Instructions:  Make sure the voltage is the same as shown on the nameplate. Turn the unit on using the rotary switch, set the unit to the desired heat output. It takes approximately 4 minutes for the tool to attain its full operating temperature. When Finished, cool the heating element down by turning the rotary switch to position 1. This action will extend the life of the heating element. After the unit has cooled down, turn the tool off.
Temperature:  Ambient - 1200 degrees F (Ambient - 650 degrees C)
Uses:  Used for heat welding of PVC's and other materials.
Warranty:  6 month warranty
Unit of Measure: One unit 

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