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Drop in Unit Chair - 22"x221/2"

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DIMENSIONS Length: 22.5" Width: 22"
FEATURES Because the bindings used are the helical rather than 'lace' (lace implies a straight wire, crimped or hog ringed into place), this unit has a much more supple feel, the lace style tends to be stiffer and boardier. The stakewires used (cross wires) are coated with a soft, not hard and brittle, plastic that actually helps to retain the clips, they will not slip. An all around superior unit., Time tested coil spring design for the upmost support and durability. Every unit is heat treated after assembly to increase strength and durability. Heavy gauge front-to-back base wires eliminate the need to use side-to side attachments on most styles and promote easier installation. These units also reduce the stresses on the frame, and may allow the manufacturer to reduce the amount of lumber required in the frame., Provides many of the qualities of 8-way hand tied units while substantially reducing the cost. Provide superior comfort and durability by utilizing helical-to-coil attachments to form,

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