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Bend Arc Bender 6"Radius(7/8)

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DIMENSIONS Width: 24" Length: 50"
FEATURES Bendarc and CrownArc work together to easily and quickly fabricate convertible top and enclosure frames from 7/8", 1" 1 1/4" Round and 1" square tubing in both aluminum and stainless steel tubing., This machine is strong enough to bend either aluminum or stainless steel tubing., Mounts solidly to a workbench or wall, and is constructed of steel boiler plate and the toughest polymers available. It comes with a graduated scale generated by a computer that eliminates the guesswork and results in no wasted materials, the bends are right the first time. Merely mark your bends, insert and clamp the piece into the Bendarc and then create the bend with the roller, using the long handles leverage advantage to give you precise control of the degree of bend.
USES Boats tops, bow rails, awnings, Bending tubing without marring or kinking is a problem, unless you have the right equipment.

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