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8gge x 26" No Sag Seat Spring

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FEATURES High tensile strength wire springs in 8 gauge seating stiffness, cut into 22 to 26 inch lengths and ready to use., Maximum resiliency is obtained when a convex spring arc height is between 2 and 2 1/4 inches. This is the 'rise'of the spring over the frame mounting point. If you wish to add height to an existing spring, use a hinge link at the back of the frame. Spring ends should be cut so that both end face the same direction. When measuring to cut, if the desired length means the ends would face opposite, go to the next longer, not shorter, bend., High tensile strength wire spring., Sinuous springs, also known as sagless or zig-zag, are the most common low profile springs. Although the shape may lead you to think otherwise, they do depend on compression for the spring effect. A solid and sturdy frame is required to bear the stresses, from the front to back rail and top to bottom rail pull of these springs (occasionally reinforcing is required)., Once cut mount the springs with the o

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