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4" Piping Tins (Flutes)

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DIMENSIONS Width: 4" Length: 36"
FEATURES Aluminum tins are soft and can be adjusted.
INSTRUCTIONS Insert the piping tins into the channels. Stuff evenly and remove, leaving behind a clean and well padded channel that can be easily reproduced. PIPING/STUFFING TIP: When trying to get padding into a channel or existing cover, you will often find that as you force the stuffing into the cover, it tears and you lose the smooth even finish you wanted. A couple of things to try are the liberal use of silicone spray on the stuffing, it will evaporate without leaving a trace or stain. You can also try running a strip of 2" (5 cm) or wider tape along the stuffing, on the side that will be away from the cover to prevent ripping of the stuffing. This is especially useful with felt paddings .
USES Piping or channeling tins for stuffing sofa backs and other sections of furniture.

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