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Industrial Wash Lime/Yellow with Silver 2"

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Description: 2" Industrial Wash Flame Resistant Trim (9187)
Appearance:  Fluorescent Lime/Yellow with silver stripe.
Care: Important: Test Each application according to appropriate care instructions required for the finished product. Actual life of the Scotchlite reflective material depends on cleaning methods and wear conditions.
Cautions:  Handling Precautions: 9187 Industrial Wash Flame Resistant Trim contains an aluminum layer as part of the construction. Blemishing of this aluminum lay can occur if the front surface of the product has direct contact from hands during application and is then exposed to hot and humid conditions, greater than 26.7 degrees Celsius and greater than 70% humidity, for a period of weeks. These blemishes do not affect performance of the product.
Cleaning Instruction:  See Features/Cautions.
Features: Home Wash Guidelines: 9187 Industrial Wash Flame Resistant trim may be home washed. Dry cleaning may also be used. If bleach is needed, only non-chlorine bleach should be used. Garment care label guidelines need to consider the garment fabric as well as the recommendations from garment components such as retro-reflective trim. Please note the lower wash temperatures may extend the life of retro reflective trim. Do Not Presoak.  Wash: Machine Wash hot 60 degrees Celsius. Tumble Dry Low. Iron using as cool Iron 110 degrees Celsius. Dry-Clean, perchloroethylene, normal cycle. Industrial Wash Guidelines: Industrial Laundering means regularly washing large amounts of clothing in a relatively short amount of time, with large machines (25kg/load), aggressive detergent chemistry (ph10.5-ph12) and higher wash temperatures than home wash. Garment finishing (tumble dry or tunnel finish) can limit garment life and should be considered as part of the cleaning process. Using harsher cleaning conditions than recommended may significantly reduce product performance. See FEATURES: Industrial Wash Guidelines 2 for actual cleaning instructions. Industrial Wash Guidelines 2: Special Instructions: Stain treatment wash processing may reduce life of reflective trim. Wash Chemistry: Lower ph and lower alkalinity will increase the lifetime performance of the retroreflective material. Low to Medium alkaline, high surfactant detergents are preferred. Do Not use solvents surfactants. Do Not use chlorine bleach or perborate bleach. Do not use detergents that contain free sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide. Machine Wash 75 degree Celsius, for less than 15 minutes total. Tumble dry: Maximum exhaust Temperature 90 degree C. Tunnel dry: Maximum Inlet Temperature 120 degree C. Iron: less than 150 degree Celsius.
Roll Size 109 yards (100.0 m) 
Uses:  Apparel
Unit of Measure: One roll (109 yards per roll)

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