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#2 Grommet Die - Spur Osborne

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CAUTIONS Note: the spur and plain dies are not interchangeable. You must have the specified die for each type. Notice for die longevity: Never strike a die with a metal hammer. Always use a rubber or composite mallet for hole punching or setting grommets or fasteners. A steel hammer strikes such a severe blow that the metal in the dies absorbs the entire shock and begins to crystallize. This crystallization begins to weaken the dies, which will become brittle and fail prematurely.
DIMENSIONS #2 Spur Grommets are 7/16" Hole Diameter.
FEATURES Grommet setting tools for the Osborne Brand Spur grommets. These require a special die as setting the teeth on the spur washer uses a slightly different size and die face from the plain and must ensure the spur teeth fit into the rolled rim for maximum strength., Each set consists of two parts: the punch and the die. Use with Grommets part numbers 6065 and 6081. The correct Hole Punch for this size is part number 5032.
USES Handsetting tools for the Osborne brand line of grommets.

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