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Glue Stick

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Description: 10" Glue Sticks (Approx 20 sticks/lb). Hot melt glue sticks. 100% solid thermoplastic resins that become fluid when heated.
Application:  Applying pressure to the joint assembly will cause the molten adhesive to successfully wet the surface to be bonded, and upon cooling the adhesive will harden to form a strong bond.
Features:  Open Time: 45 Seconds. Fast time set: a properly formed bond will achieve 50% of its strength after 1 minute, 75% after 1 hour, and 100% after 24 hours. No drying time-eliminating the use of clamps and fixtures, Binds dissimilar materials, fills gaps with minimal shrinkage, mildew resistance, bonds to most surfaces. Softening Point:77-83 Degrees Celsius  /175-181 Degrees  Farenheit  Viscosity:at 177 Degrees Celsius, cps 5000-8000 Viscosity :at  121 Degrees Celsius, cps 35,000 - 55,000 H eat Resistance: 60 degrees Celsius / 140 degrees Fahrenheit. THE STICKS THAT STICK! 1/2" round translucent glue sticks,10" in length for use in the Pro90 glue gun. Achieves 90% of ultimate strength within one minute: clamping is generally not required. Sold by the pound: each pound is approximately 20 sticks. Will work with any glue gun that accepts 1/2" round glue sticks.
Flammability:  Raw materials compliant with FDA regulation 21 CFR 175.105
Industry:  All Purpose
MSDS Availability:  MSDS Available
Storage:  Keep thermosticks away from direct light and heat sources, covered in their box when not in use.
Type of Product:  Glue
Uses:  Use for applications in electronics, upholstery, flooring and tile, arts and crafts and the floral markets.
Unit of Measure: One Pound (approx. 20 glue sticks per lb)

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