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Spur Grommet Die - Cruiser #1

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Description: #1 Spur Grommet Hand Setting Die. Hand setting tools for the Cruiser Brand line of grommets. Each set consists of two parts, the punch and the die.
Cautions: These require a special die as setting the teeth on the spur washers uses a slightly different size and die face from the plain dies. The spur and the plain dies are not interchangeable. You must have the specified die for each type. Always use a rubber or rawhide mallet for hole punching or setting grommets or fasteners. A steel hammer strikes such a severe blow that the metal in the dies absorbs the entire shock and begins to crystallize.
Dimensions: Hole Diameter: 5/16"
Product Contains:  Steel
Uses: Tarps, Awnings, Travel Covers, etc. 
Unit of Measure: One Unit