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1.5" Velcro Loop - Black

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Description: 1 1/2" Black Loop Velcro. 1.5" Velcro Loop - Black.
Application: The woven hook tape consists of minute, flexible hooks, which engage with a mating loop tape comprised of small, soft "loops". When pressed together, the resulting closure is adjustable, highly secure and jam proof. To reopen (cycle), the closure is simply peeled apart. Velcro brand woven hook and loop tapes are manufactured by a precise and refining weaving process which ensures uniformity and dimensions and constructions.
Closure:  After 10,000 cycles still maintains 50% of shear strength.
Content: 100% Nylon
Features: Non-rusting, non-jamming, adjustable, easy to release, fastens securely, re-usable, durable, washable, dry cleanable, and lightweight. Can be sterilized or autoclaved. Most oils do not affect closure strength. Closure strength is increased as pressure is applied. Vibration increases closure strength.
Peel Cleavage:  180gm/cm.
Shear:  984 gm/
Shrinkage:  Maximum 4%
Strength:  Min. 5.6 psi Max. 10.1 psi.
Temperature:  Melting temperature is 204 degrees C and hand ironing temperature can be up to 163 degrees C.
Water Resist:  Remains 50% fastening strength in water. Closure strength is regained after dried to 100%.
Width:  1.5"
Unit of Measure:  One roll (50 yards per roll)

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